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canon in D


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Talking about YouTube – 10岁的小男孩震惊全球

For my dearest Kidd who died of the coldness of the society. Quote YouTube – 10岁的小男孩震惊全球 In my dreams, Children sing A song of love for every boy and girlThe sky is blue, the fields are greenAnd laughter is the … Continue reading

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Sleeping beauty on ICE

昨晚去看了睡美人的冰上芭蕾, 把我高兴坏了~~仙女们就像是羽毛在冰上飞~~睡美人和王子也在飞~~~每个人都在飞   以前在北京,地铁里看到巨大的海报–睡美人冰上芭蕾,总是很留连,有时候会伫立在那里许久。心想我什么时候可以去看呢?北京的冬天让人绝望的想死~温暖的南方注定是我的家园。   昨天晚上很热,出门都穿短袖,真是个好天气欣赏sleeping beauty on ice:) THE SLEEPING BEAUTY ON ICEThursday, December 13, 20077:30 pmRussia’s St. Petersburg Ice Ballet

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  Messiah   上个星期天去st augustine听了著名的交响乐剧 — Messiah. st augustine是美国最古老的一个城市,这个天主大教堂是美国最古老的教堂,约400多年历史(比美国还古老,难得啊:)   Messiah由 Handel 创作于1741年,讲述完整的耶稣救赎的故事—从旧约预言童女怀孕,到新约耶稣诞生,死亡,复活。 所有的歌词全部引自圣经。       MAJORA CANAMUS(Virgil, Eclogue IV) And without controversy, great is the Mystery of Godliness: God was manifested in the Flesh, justified by the Spirit, … Continue reading

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