fragments of my memoirs–1

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when I was a teenager I had some occult thoughts

I wished that I were cursed with lycanthropy, When the moon is full, I would have to leave my lover and dashed into the woods, leaving the lonely lupine howling behind her. Next day when first sun beam breaks the dark sky curtain, I would return to her side.

Or I fell in love with a werewolf, each month my heart sank with the accretion of the moon. Eventually the day has come and I watched appallingly my lover completed his transfiguration and disappeared in the woods, leaving one drop of tear reflecting the pale moonlight

… …
I have a mentor hidden in the deepest place in my consciousness, his name is Merlin. Once he said to me, I can adumbrate your past. Baffled was I by that statement! How? Why? Construe that? He never gave an answer

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6 Responses to fragments of my memoirs–1

  1. m says:

    原来 邮件发布不分行也不分段 彻底抛弃

  2. zaizai☼✿ says:

    从来不知道有这样一段传奇 :)

  3. m says:

    it is figurative 🙂

  4. zaizai☼✿ says:

    i knew, it\’s interesting! waiting for 2, haha

  5. Jerry says:


  6. m says:


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