Key west, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

  • Time: 12.20.2008-12.27.2008
  • Places of Interest: Ft. Lauderdale,FL; Key West, FL;Santo Tomas, Guatemala;Belize city, Belize;Costa Maya, Mexico
  • Cruiseline: Holland America Line-Statendam

Too many photos to upload, just a couple here to remind myself of this amazing trip:)Rainbow

终于下载了live writer…重新装了电脑,狂快无比。几个月没来,什么都升级了。space改头换面,都不知道怎么用…这个年代的技术见之秒新分异。

key west 透明的海没有了,不过阳光照下,依旧很梦幻。








Belize 好遗憾没有看到著名的blue hole…不过cave tubing 也很刺激,黑黑的岩洞里漂流别有一番情趣,强烈建议买个水下照相机。 


Mexico 是最漂亮的一站。终于看到梦寐的玛雅遗址了:)



7天的航行是一个不错的选择,有两天在海上,没有那么累。Holland America 和其他的油轮真是天地之别,虽然价格贵点,但真值了。

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4 Responses to Key west, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

  1. ✿Livvy says:

    Lovely pictures, my dear ^ ^! BTW, I\’m going to Miami in the mid of March, cruising, haha :))~P.S.: Resent you a message the other day, can you check and accept the invitation. Just wanna add you to my Friend\’s List again, accidentally deleted my list. Thx ~

  2. Y N says:

    Please check your mail box.It is Concordia ship which is one of Costa cruise line.If compared to others, I wouldn\’t recommend Concordia for some reason.你也去了cruise,这条航线我游过。多贴些吧!

  3. 明明如月 says:

    my goodness, this is exactly three years ago.

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