Stonewood dinner

看了 batman, the dark knight,怎么觉得这片子有点逻辑混乱?

第二次去stonewood, 这次好像比上次好吃很多诶~~~尤其是那个开胃菜 tuna,好吃都没法形容了~~甜品巧克力布丁也不是太甜,有很重的巧克力苦苦的味道,很是难得。:)



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6 Responses to Stonewood dinner

  1. zaizai☼✿ says:

    哇 流口水~~~呵呵

  2. Y N says:


  3. m says:


  4. ✿Livvy says:

    Heard "Dark Knight" was really good and has gotten very favorable critic reviews. So went ahead and read the synopsis online.  OMG, the plot makes me so dizzy while reading it, totally! So complicated!
    Nice shots! Is the Nikon 18mm-200mm VR Lens a better bet than the 18mm-135mm lens that comes with the original package? What mode do you usually select while taking pictures indoors using Nikon-D80? I\’ve tried taking a couple of pictures, but some of them came out blurry due to poor lighting. I don\’t like using build-in flash also. Using the Auto mode seems ok, but how about other modes, like Aperture priority? My Canon has a F2.8, but this one doesn\’t…

  5. m says:

    to niuniu, 18-200 vr surely better than 18-138.18-135 doesnt come originally with the package. I think it is 18-75.I never used auto on my camera. most of the time, I aperture or shutter speed depending on the situation and which effect I want to create. for macro, I use totally manual. for indoor picture, go to get the 50mm, 1.8, very clear. but have to pay special attention to your DOF. build-in flash is not flattering since the light is not difused, my next purchase would be a good external flash:)

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