blueberry martini


***blueberry infused vodka:

1cup vodka
1/2 cup sugar
2tablespoons creme de cassis
1/2cup whole blueberry
1/2 cup coarsely mashed blueberry

〉〉〉Blueberry martini

1/4 cup vodka
2tablespoons blueberry-infused vodka
2tablespoon fresh lime juice
1tablespoon triple sec
4-5ice cubes

set the blueberry infused vodka at room temperature for two weeks.then refrigerate.

p.s. I used far more blueberries than it requires. that’s why the color seems darker:)also I didn’t put the creme and sugar:( neither do I let it set for 2 weeks…haha, fast food:)

最近觉悟了为什么主说“凡有的,还要加给他,叫他多余;没有的,连他所有的,也要夺过来。”“马太福音”第25章。那些积极追求的人会得到更多,那些懒惰的人最后连仅有都要失去了。忙碌的人过得越来越充实,空虚的人越来越空虚… …

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4 Responses to blueberry martini

  1. Magic瑞秋 says:


  2. Y N says:

    A delicious recipe~~~

  3. zaizai☼✿ says:


  4. ✿Livvy says:

    好漂亮的颜色!如果换成MARTINI的杯子会更好看! :)) TRIPLE SEC和那个CREME DE CASSIS是什么啊?原来在RECIPES里面看到过,一直不知道是什么~

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