new house & new dress:)

DSC_0005    DSC_0143

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9 Responses to new house & new dress:)

  1. Magic瑞秋 says:


  2. Y N says:

    啊,好美— BOUTH!
    new house & new dress + new dream~~~

  3. zaizai☼✿ says:


  4. m says:

    to magic, 啊?看不到片片阿?我这里看得到诶:(to yn, thank you for your new dream:)to beautiful, 哎,我哪有闲,连这张都是我家那位拍的.你来了就打扫一间住:)

  5. m says:


  6. 樂樂 says:

    呵呵,your favorite color is 紅,right?!

  7. ✿Livvy says:

    WOW! Everything is red, so pretty! Love you in that lovely red dress~

  8. renju says:


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