Fan Mail

Released:  March 4, 2008

Young Tim likes what he sees in CSX. He sent a handwritten letter and a drawing of a locomotive to CSX, in care of the Chairman’s office.

7094 Brooktree Way
San Jose, CA

Dear CSX,

I am writing for two reasons. On Wheel of Fortune, I saw a commercial for CSX. It said (I think) that a CSX train could go 400-some-odd miles on a gallon of gas. Is that true?

Also, over summer vacation, I might want to work at CSX. Is there something I could do? (I wrote the same sort of thing to Union Pacific, but it was the 2nd letter, and they didn’t respond).

My name is Tim Beaulien and I’m 9 yrs. old.

Tim Beaulien

Tim received a letter in response and a few CSX mementos.


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