Staying Young Aging Quiz

You scored under 69 percent.

Now you’ve done it! You are definitely in need of a health intervention. Low scores are good for golf, but not this health test. If you don’t want to spend the remaining years of your life wheezing, complaining and aching, you need to make changes—right now. After all, we want you in the driver’s seat of life, not riding the back of an ambulance.

Your habits and lifestyle are aging your body fast—the time to act is now. Today!




结果竟然说28岁~~~~Baring teethBaring teethBaring teeth





Walk 30 minutes every day


The ideal is for your waist to be half your height.


Write a thank you note every week on average

(thats very surprising!)


Consume at least 4 servings of fruit a day

(my plan: one banana, one apple, one orange, one persimmon)


Consume at least 5 servings of vegetables a day

(my plan: eat green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and carrot every week)


Exercise at least 30 minites every day!


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