?????Sumatra Siborong-Borong by Starbucks® Coffee ($14.00 each when purchased separately) Grown in Siborong-Borong—a town in the heart of Sumatra’s Lake Toba coffee-growing region—this rare, full-bodied coffee offers a surprising complexity, soft acidity and hints of freshly cut basil.

More about this coffee: Batak women pick the cherries and then pulp and wash them, all by hand. The wet parchment is set out to dry in the sun on tarps or woven mats in front of houses. This coffee is sorted by hand and delivered to market the day after harvest to ensure freshness.

More about Black Apron Exclusives™: As the name suggests, Black Apron Exclusives™ coffee represent the very best in a lineup of outstanding coffees. Our tasters go to the ends of the earth, in search of beans whose flavors and unique characteristics earn them the highest honor we can bestow. In a show of appreciation, participating farmers receive a cash award for their unrivaled contributions. Since its introduction in April of 2004, the Black Apron Exclusives™ series has exceeded expectations both in flavor and in demand. The limited batches of these rare coffees are highly treasured and enjoyed for as long as we can keep them around.


上次在starbucks store里尝试了这一款新产品,远处就已经能闻到香味。入口华润香浓,难以言喻啊~~不知咖啡竟能做成这样的~
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4 Responses to Starbucks BLACK APRON

  1. ✿Livvy says:

    I can\’t take regular coffee either, has to be decaf instead.  Drinking regular coffee makes me feel so hyper and edgy, and talkative too!! :))))

  2. m says:

    yeahyeah:) i am a little bit hyper now since i had half decaf half regular this morning, dang!

  3. 公主 says:


  4. m says:

    to 公主,我不爱喝那些甜甜的东东:(豆豆没了,公主美美,xixi

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